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Response and Recovery is Painful

Protection services on the market today provide no insurance or breach response, creating delays and additional costs as SMBs are left either uninsured or under-insured.

COVID-19 has made cybersecurity even more difficult.

  • 86% of SMBs at risk of data breach with remote employees
  • 130% increase in ransomware in the last year
  • 300% increase in cyberattacks since COVID-19
  • 22M+ people filed for unemployment, increasing lack of personnel and more social engineering attacks

Data Breaches

We provide protection for the cost of an actual or suspected violation of privacy regulation due to a security breach resulting in an unauthorized release of protected personal data. Including private & non-public data in the company’s care, custody or control.

Social Engineering

Phishing emails and attacks can cripple an SMB.  Threat actors are growing more sophisticated in how they will combine social engineering in orchestrating a phishing campaign designed uniquely that will fool even well-trained staff causing a breach. 


Corporate account takeover is like identity theft for your business.  When hackers access your bank account, you need protection from unauthorized fund transfers.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulation infractions result in billions of dollars of fines and compliance costs to well-intentioned SMBs.  Futhermore, breach response requires compliance with each regulation at state and federal levels, which can be complicated and expensive.

Identity Theft Management

While identity theft can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce the impact should personal information becomes exposed.  We provide services to monitor and repair identity thefts in the event there is an incident.

Ransomware & Malware

Ransomware is one of the most urgent concerns for SMBs, with attacks increasing over 100% in the last year alone. 


Identifying the root cause of a breach is critical, which is why we investigate incidents thoroughly using state of the art forensics tools to provide crucial and factual data to assist in further securing your systems and data from future breaches.

Dark Web Search

.Unlimited dark web searches are available through the client portal to scan billions of records and files for hacked credentials that may have been shared on the dark web. Leaked credentials should be reset immediately upon discovery.

24/7 Breach Support & Crisis Management with Notifications

Our breach support is staffed by experts in breach response providing professional guidance and confidentiality reducing potential liability.  When an incident occurs, you’ll receive public relations assistance to manage communications and eliminate additional exposure risks.


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